CEEG – Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Group


CEEG is a comprehensive energy efficiency group which works with companies to identify, act and then benefit from energy savings.

We are a network of energy auditors, electrical installers, mechanical installers, financing bodies, and energy managers.

One of the greatest challenges managers face with energy projects is time.

With CEEG our teams will identify the opportunities, design solutions, install and implement the changes, and provide ongoing support.  As our client’s single point of contact for energy upgrades we help managers boost their net operating capital with minimal time requirements.

The majority of our clients have been able to achieve a 50% – 90% savings on their lighting costs.  The average multi-residential facility that has not upgraded its lighting can be wasting more than $2,000 every month by simply putting off a retrofit.

What we do

• Conduct an energy analysis
• Validate and present the opportunity
• Design a product replacement plan
• Install lighting retrofit
• Provide financing if necessary